Manic Monday Operation Clean Up 4

 Making progress...
 Alright now we are getting somewhere!
As you know I have been doing operation Clean Up -
trying to get my scrapbook room in order!
(If you are new to my blog see posts :
I have to say we have made huge progress -
most things have become quite functional in my space
which has made it especially nice for creating!

However I have run into some glitches - for example storing acrylic stamps, I have yet to find a system that really works for me. Also I have WAY more ribbon than I thought but I can't seem to give it away. They are all different and you never know when you will need a particular color...I'm just saying... Also I realize I need it to look functional & neat but I still need to see everything so I can be able to use it -out of sight out of mind...yep, that's me.

Anywho - as I ran into these glitches I got stuck and decided to allowed  myself to go in a different direction and be creative instead. Hence the three different cabinets. The one on the left is the original color that for some reason I didn't like once I got it on the wall. So I tried doing an antique glaze (right) but I don't like that either. This room has no natural lighting so I need to keep it bright in here. Which could very well be my problem - I like deep, rich and vibrant colors, the pastel is annoying to me... Notice my favorite layouts on the bottom have mostly oranges and browns? So the last one I did a white wash, which is OK but not loving it either but I really did not want to spend all this time on this project, I am irritated that it has taken this long already but  I have to look at it everyday so I need it to be right. I also don't want to have to paint or replace every container and drawer that I got to match this color scheme!
So I decided to go with the white wash - I had to go
back and repaint the antiqued door and did a little sketching.
By the way - I used my chalk pencils from Faber-Castell and that
was a fabulous idea - I could smudge or even erase the lines if I didn't like it.

 Here is the white wash - I know it looks a little odd but it's just a background.
I cut out vinyl letters with my Cricut - back in the day before we had these electronic cutters
I would have done those letters by hand!!! Thank God for inventions!
I do love the saying and the way the letters turned out.
If you can't read it - it says,
"when love and skill work together expect a masterpiece"
a quote by John Ruskin. I thought it would inspire me.
 I had this quote on my scrapbook room in CO and loved it...
(More pics here )
I really miss the orange, but I think it would be too dark for a room with no windows,
and please do not suggest peach - I HATE peach! LOL!

Then I went over the lines with the original color- which I should not have because I got annoyed all over again! (You must think I am nuts!)  But it is a work in progress! You will have to come back next
week to see how it all works out. Do you ever wonder what were you thinking?

On  a different topic I hope you enjoyed the blog hop this weekend and I need to give away two prizes! Please email your addy ASAP! I will give you three days- it seems crazy to me to win something and not claim it but that has happened to me before and I would like to make only one trip to the post office this week!
Winners are...
Glory Girl and
Becky Dunham!

If you didn't win here don't forget to check the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft blog
and My Stamp Box blog to see if you won there! If you still didn't win keep checking back I do giveaways often and I am part of another giveaway this Friday!

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