Manic Mondays, Operation Clean up! Part 3

Hey there bloggers! Well I would love to tell you that I got
during spring break...but that's not gonna happen.
Because that would make me a liar.
Operation Clean Up got put on hold with
the kids home from school.
We also had some guests from CO,
we were totally blessed to have them here. (I miss those girls!)
I do have some projects to share with you,
three of them for part 3!
First starting with this cute little table!
But pink is not my color so I had to change it.

 One coat of gesso, air dry then a coat of paint.

 Here is a  trunk I have had for quite a while,
and I love the size  and the pattern but the color
was not quite right so I had to do a little transformation!

Here it is, still wet but definitely better!

Project 3! I already had this frame painted
a little blue but I didn't love it so I decided to try
a little glaze and black paint. To glaze add 50% glaze + 50% paint.

 It's best to only do a small section at a time, paint the section
don't let it dry...

Wipe off the mixture with dry clean cloth.

Then  repeat until you have finished to whole frame.

You can still see the color showing through! I love this look!
As far as Operation Clean Up goes, I have not given up!
Tomorrow is a new day and I plan on getting right back to it!
I am super excited to hear some of you are doing your own
Operation Clean Up! I would love to see the pictures!!!
Leave me a link! Happy Monday y'all!

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