Manic Mondays - Operation Clean up! 2


Well this is week 2 of Operation Clean Up!
My scrapbook room was a total disaster -
part one can be found here that explains all that.
Thank you for your words of encouragement on that post!
This week was HARD! The more I got into things the more
I seriously
just wanted to give up!
 I was thinking I must have been crazy to put ts project on my blog!
I will never finish!!!
What will I say next Monday!!???
In trying to find a place for everything things
that were previously clean became a mess!
I filled about four of these large trash bags!
(Note to self, next time professional movers come...
Don't let them pack your scrap room!!! There were
so many things destroyed because they obviously had
no idea what the things were and just lumped things
together in the same box!! But I digress...) I also filled
4 large boxes of product to donate so I feel good about that.

 On the left you can see a new shelf unit thats better
than what I had there last week - hubby salvaged it
from the trash! He is always finding me cool stuff
that I can redo. It's a little beat up but once I clean
it down and paint it I am sure it will look great!
Alot of the furniture in my room right now looks
EcleCtIc now but as long as it is functional I know it
eventually I will get to paint and decorate and no body
will ever know...except you of course! LOL!
Besides it's free! You can't beat that!
 That black cabinet was another peice hubby found behind a store
that was remodeling last year- free is good!
You have to keep an open mind when you get free or next to nothing pieces
 and be willing to clean and paint!

I love this large frame - I got it for $6. on clearance at
Hobby Lobby becasue the glass was broken, I love it -
I think I am going to put chicken wire on the back becasue
as you can see I am hanging pics on it and journaling
that goes with it for future layouts.

I tend to be creative in two modes -
I do better with both if I do them seperately so I do all
journaling and save it for certain photos and when I am ready to
be artistically creative I don't have to think about the journaling I can just create.
That's what will go in this frame.

Looking at this I will move the E cutter - I don't like it there.  
I may have to move my flatbed scanner and put it with my Cricut.
I don't use them that often but they do come in handy.

On the floor I have two very COOL wine boxes that hubby found for me -
Umm before you get ideas, they are empty (I don't drink) -
the store was throwing them out.
I dont know what I will do with them but they have really pretty engraving
on them so he thought I could use them, I love that man!

 I thinking I am over the hump
 (the "what have I done?" stage) it is looking good now (short video below),
although I still have a lot of sorting to do. I managed to get all like
things together where I want them but in that I still need to organize
it so it works for me. I also am on the lookout for some cool labels.
After I do that I can get to the best part! PAINTING!!!
(And thanks Dara Lynn, for the idea!
I am going to try some antique glazing, on a small piece first!)

Thanks for all your encouragement!
And thanks J. for the pep talk call!!!
Next Monday... Part Three!!! 

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