What is going on?

Hey hey blog readers & crafty peeps!
I have gotten a few emails regarding my post Wed. Making some changes.
So maybe I should clarify some things:
No, I am not quitting the business.
No, nothing is wrong.
If you don't know,  most design teams work on terms - some are 3, 6 and/or 12 months long.
When that contract is up the companies may or may not ask you for another term,
and you may or may not accept. It's a good thing, making sure both parties still want
to do it - keeping things fresh. I have had the honor of being asked back several times with several teams and I love that, it lets me know I am doing a good job.
I have learned so much by being on these teams but right now I need to redirect my time
so I find myself saying no to new terms. So when you see me saying goodbye to teams
there is nothing necessarily wrong, it's just time for a change.
 There is something to be said for change,
even when it's uncomfortable we grow. There is also something to be said about 
Seasons, we all go through different seasons and this is a new season for me.
As you know my mom was diagnosed last year with Alzhiemers,
things have gotten progressively worse. And although she is now in a safe place
I can't pretend that this has been easy. Every day is difficult, as you know if you
know someone with this disease.

If you have read my blog for any period of time
you also know that we have kids with special needs - we also have seasons
some are more difficult than others. They are getting older and the challenges
are changing, when this happens I have to re-evaluate what I am doing.

So that means letting go of some things to pursue others.
To focus on whats important and remove anything that
might take away from where I need to be focusing right now.
Which goes back to "no, I am not quitting the business"
just changing the way I do things. Not giving up my dreams,
just clearing my schedule a bit to pursue those dreams. 
I will still be present on my blog and Facebook.
I will continue to create, do some guest design team work
as well as published work and store signage. I am doing more art work
(which has been evident on my blog.). I would like to put some up for sale as well.
(in case anybody is interested.)
I was estactic to find my design work at JoAnns fabric yesterday...
On the back of this DCWV paper stack...
 On the top right corner of this stack.
 On the signage! I made that little benchin the right hand corner!
Here it is again in the back of this stack!
So that is whats going on, I am not going anywhere just evolving.
I hope you will stick with me on this journey.

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