Baby girl mixed media love canvas

Hey there bloggers! Today is my first post over at  Frog Dog Studio!
It's a new mixed media kit club and this is just one of the projects I made with the kit!
Today I have a tutorial on this project as well as lots of inside tips that you can use.
I hope you will check it out!
 Also I wanted to let you know if you are interested
they are doing a design team call! So go check it out!

Whats the haps?(happenings)
Today Baby Tate goes back for another surgery so remember to pray for him today.
 It breaks my heart that this sweet baby has to go through so much at only two months old.
Not to mention his parents heartbreak and devastation at this situation.
Please continue to pray for his health.

On the flip side I lost an entire to week to a migraine. It's a good thing 
I don't wait until the last minute to get my projects done! The worst is over
but the headache lingers- so frustrating! In my migraine fuzziness
I dropped an electric guitar on my foot and it is too swollen to even put in a shoe!
What a mess! Ya'll better pray for me to have a better week! LOL!

 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg

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