I need your help...

Hey there bloggers- a different kind of post today.

I am truly blessed to have worked with many youth - outside of the crafty world
IRL(in real life). Hubby and I have taught drama & music to countless youth.
Some stay in touch, some fall out of touch and come back into your life.
It is awesome when God is evident in their lives. That leads me to today.

This sweet babys name is Tate. And he needs your prayers! His precious mama
was one of my kids (yeah - they are all  my kids, love them like my own)
from Las Vegas. She is all grown up now, married and Tate is baby number 2.
We were so excited to find out that she lives only 20 minutes
away from us with her beautiful family. But we need you to pray for baby Tate -
I copied the most recent update on his condition below posted by his mommy.
I could not have said it better myself. I am asking you to join us praying for Tate.

Photo: Happy Mother's Day to me!! Our little guy was happy to see us tonight. He drank his bottle like a champ and even though they doubled him to 4 mL's, he was upset because he was still hungry after it was gone. He weighed in at a strong 4 lbs 11 oz. He is wearing clothes like a big boy for the first time tonight, too....couldn't be cuter, even though he's swimming in them! I'm such a lucky mommy :) 
On 5/29/2013
Tate is still very sick. After much deliberation, his team of doctors have decided that the best course of action is to take him to the operating room tomorrow. His infection seems to have reached a "plateau", and he is not responding to the strong antibiotics like we want him to. They will be taking cultures while they are in there and removing whatever it is that's infected, hopefully. This surgery is extremely risky for several reasons.... Blood loss due to too much scar tissue and weakened blood vessels from all the swelling, having to remove segments of intestines, worsening infection, etc. are all concerns. Something could very easily go wrong and have catastrophic results. While we are very nervous for Tate, I am strengthened and encouraged more than ever that God is not only in control, He is GOOD. His arms are not too short. We are never out of His sight or His hand. From the very beginning of our journey with Tate, I knew that he had a call on his life and a purpose so much bigger than we would know for a long time. I have no doubt that, as Romans 8:28 says, God is working everything together for our benefit, and even though this is far more difficult than I ever thought I could bear, He is our Redeemer and our Healer. He goes before us in battle and He holds us up when we have no more strength. He is so worthy of my praise and I can't wait to see the amazing way He will bring the victory and healing to Tate! Thank you so much to everyone who is praying and supporting us. The next 24 hours are very critical for us, so I ask that you pass Tate's story along to anyone and everyone you know who will pray and call on God on our little guy's behalf.

 His updates can be found here Tates Triumphs

I really appreciate your prayers!!

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