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Hey there bloggers! So glad you stopped 
by on this MiXeD MeDia Friday!
Today I am sharing a page from my 
art journal book! Details can be found on the Aristcellar blog!

 hmmm... I am feeling a trend on my posts this week.
I am not struggling, just trying to keep my priorities straight.
There was a while there (uhmm actually about a year and a half) 
that we were living in chaos because of my moms illness;
you may have read about it here and/or here. I feels like we are
definitely past a very hard season in our lives. 

 I am happy to report that she is doing better. She is adjusting to her
new home and is even in a good mood. She is eating and gaining weight!
She still forgets but the paranoia is gone!
And you know I am saying hallelujah to that!

 However the disease is progressive, I am not
unrealistic about that. But at least for a while we have some normalcy
back into our lives. She may not remember the day to day stuff but the kids will
cherish these times with their abuela...

Here she is on her birthday- she smiles all the time now, which 
is probably something you take for granted but I don't. We didn't see it
very often in the past year!

(Here are the two pages.)
I am so thankful for these days.
Don't take anything for granted.
; )

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