New Stencils and a canvas bag

Don't you love experimenting with new stencils? 
Well I couldn't wait to play with the new Arabian Nights series series from
Artistcellar  I brought out my Inka Gold and a cloth bag I had laying around.
 I remembered this canvas I made before with the square rose stencil
                                in the background and thought they would go great together.

So I decided to use the Celestial stencil for the background.
It's nice because of the repeated patterns, you can cover the
entire surface and it looks like one big pattern.
The corners were pretty round so instead of trying to make the stencil fit I opted
to color with Alchemy fabric paint. Can you see the pretty shimmer?

So here it is finished, I made a mat for my canvas to go.
I used a fabric glue to adhere it.
And here it is finished!
                                                    Where will you use your stencil?

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