Manic Mondays - Operation Clean up! Complications...

Having surgery can really throw your world into a tailspin.
Although I am healing - getting better everyday I am no where near back to normal
and able to keep up with my hectic (crazy) schedule.
As I type this blog post I have an ice pack on my incisions. 
They are raw, swollen and itchy. Hives- not pretty.
I had a follow up with the surgeon and turns out I am allergic to Dermabond. :( 
(Dermabond was holding all of my incisions closed!)
Although it has been removed my skin has not even come close to recovering,
Benadryl and cortisone are not working so I have to go back to the doc.
Needless to say I still can't do any strenuous work so
Manic Mondays  Operation Clean Up has been suspended.
(You can look back on Mondays for these posts on my scrapbook room.)
However I have decided to do a final reveal on
June 14th to participate in "Where bloggers Create"
- provided I can enlist some help of course
The doc said I could walk so after feeling trapped for weeks I was able to get out a bit
and walked in downtown Mckinney - they call it Main street,
 they have a ton of antique shops and food places.
 There was lots to look at  but I tire easily so we weren't there very long.
It's definitely a place I'd like to go back to though, when I feel better
- I bet you could spend hours there looking at all the neat treasures!

 The kids were good sports -
 I know they would much rather be at a park or something!

 However they were ecstatic when we ran across this candy shop!!!
It had all the nostalgic candies as well as current ones- they loved it!

And I was super excited to find this beautiful canvas by Eva Crawford.
 I tried to find more info on her but there are several artists named
 Eva Crawford on google and since I could not find this print 
or similar ones online I can't tell who did it. If you know please let me know
because I would love to see more of her work!
This really spoke to me and inspired me to create
something beautiful! Baby girl loved it too and the saleslady asked
if it was going in her room, we smiled but I was thinking "no way! I need
it in my scrapbook room for inspiration!"
I am slowly making my way to your wonderful blogs -
I have missed so much in a few weeks, it's hard to catch up!
In all of this I think God is telling to me to S-l-o-w-d-o-w-n
and re-evaluate what I have been doing.
If you knew my schedule you would think I
am nuts; I am juggling way to many balls!
Some of the stuff I can't help like of course the kids, hubby and my mom.
(My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and Dementia in Oct.)
But with this surgery I dropped all the balls and as I have been
 desperately trying to pick them up I realized that I can't do it all by myself or
  keep up this crazy schedule!
( I feel like I am going to trip over one of these balls!!!LOL)
So I am praying for guidance on where to go from here.
(On a positive note - I can laugh now without pain and that is definitely a praise report!)
Another praise report is how much support I have received from my online friends
that I have met through this industry.
Being in a new state away from my friends & family is hard,
especially when you go through something like this - it is amazing how God puts
wonderful women in your life who understand what you are going through
and are able to support you with their kind words, experiences and prayers.
For you I am especially grateful - thank you
 and I pray that God blesses you like you have blessed me.


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