Monday Madness - Operation Clean Up part 5

Hey there bloggers, I f you haven't been here in a while or are new to my blog
I have been trying to get organized and rework my creative space so it works for me. 
I started here

So after racking my brain on why I STILL didn't like 
my blue cabinets (below) I finally decided 
it was too much color (and you know I am not afraid of color)!
However right below is where I hang my most recent layouts
 or my favorites; sometimes there can be a lot of color going on there 
so I thought it would be best to go with something more neutral.
It may not look like much but I love it - it looks way better in person
and the panels are a twill fabric that look like natural canvas, yay texture!
I am going to use that saying somewhere in this room - but I decided 
that the cabinets left clean and simple was better for me, right now.

 Here is a close up of the fabric (click on it to make it bigger), I used a stencil and 
Gelatos for the butterfly. (I had to get a little artistic color in there!)
I got the little crown cabinet knobs at Hobby Lobby, 
I did add a little creme paint on them as they were getting lost on the black, it worked out quite nicely!

(Also lots of texture.)
 Here is another look at the butterflies!

I am stuck on an acrylic stamp solution. For a while I had them on a clip it up but they were
exposed to dust (gasp - I know) and they started falling off. Before that I loved that solution - I could see them all and I would use them - it was also easy to put away.
I don't use them that often, especially when they are hidden.
(And my clip it up was one of things that got broken in the move - the movers
probably had no idea what it was or that it came apart, so it snapped. Not happy about that.)
Right now I can probably fill three picture storage boxes with acrylic unmounted stamps.
 That's  a lot of stamps. 
Any thoughts? 

 I had gotten some paper labels (they were alright- had  blue edges)
 but now that I have this canvas looking material
I think I want to go more natural, with canvas labels or tags.
Any body know where I can get some? 

I am plugging right along, now that my color dilemma (drama- whatever, lol)
is over I can move on and finish this room! Hopefully this week I can finish, 
so I can show you the whole room, clean, organized and themed!
Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and encouraging comments!!!

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