Whats going on...updates on the Barakats

Kid's can be so mean.
My little guy just got new glasses and I think he looks so handsome! I mean look at him!
I am not biased right? So he goes to school and the same little girl that wrote him that secret admirer note on Valentines day tells him he looks UGLY!
WHHHHHAAAAT? First of all, how mean! Second of all he does NOT look ugly!
I told him to ignore her - the other kids said he looks nice and smart.
Kudos to you 2nd graders (all but one!)
Meanwhile baby girl has been doing breathing treatments around the clock.
We are hoping this is temporary, she has never had asthma symptoms before - but she has been having a hard time breathing and coughing since we got here. Starting tomorrow she will be off all meds to see if it was a virus instead of asthma. As happy as she looks, she is looking forward to not doing this...
This pic is from open house at school last week!
This may seem silly but we are SO happy to see this pic that our guy drew of himself.
First of all there is a face!(Which is unusual for him)
To top it off HE IS HAPPY in the pic!!! YAY!
He has really been doing great in school
and adjusting nicely to the whole move (phew!)
We are so excited to see this progress!

Now you must keep our oldest in your prayers - DD lost her car to a drunk driver! Praising God she was not in the car at the time; a drunk driver hit it while she was parked and the lady was arrested. We are waiting to hear what the insurance is going to do - the lady was insured (praising God for that too!)

Our oldest son is almost finished with school, 16 and graduating HS. We are very proud of him! As soon as he finishes spring break he has a few days to tie things up at school to be done! Awesome.

We have found a new church and we are settling in - it's hard starting over ,we really miss our other kids...
I am thankful for texts and face book where we can keep up with them.
We love you guys!!!

                And last but not least hubby left his own mark at the schools open house, on the teachers white board! Anyone who knows him is not surprised!


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