Vent, an angry post

Sometimes you just have to vent and because this months kit at Scrapbooking From the Inside Out is focused on ANGER this a perect opportunity to get this off my chest! Now - this is pretty intense and I truly do not mean to offend, this is my experience, what I know. If you know me or have read my blog for a while you know that we have adopted some pretty amazing kids. This is a note to their bio parents...

That being said, please please please if your are preganant and are using drugs or drinking STOP. I can't even begin to explain to you in one post the damage that cannot be undone so STOP today, get someone to help you - there are many agencies out there to help you STOP.

Also if you have given up your children I do not mean to hurt you - but this lo is out of my frustration of what we go through because of choices that were made long before these little ones were born. So take it for what it is, one mothers frustration, battle and having to get this off her chest.

Another post that might interest you (adoption/loss/bio parents) was one I did on loss

Also I dont have very many entries for the GCD giveaway!So dont forget to enter!!!

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