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Scrapbooking From The Inside Out
Challenge #3
Devotion: The people in our lives who stay close to us benefit from a level of devotion, dedication and focus that is unique to them. What makes the one you choose ‘the ones’? Are the ones you’re devoted to your family, friends, or both? What about these people makes you devoted to them…is it a reciprocal love, or one that is more selfless, with less expectation? Does the length of the relationship have an impact on the level of your devotion to them, or theirs to you? Are you good at choosing the right ones to be devoted to?

Please create a LO about those you love most - friends, family or both? Why them, really?

Well for me that would be family and friends! These are only three of our five children. We are blessed to have them in our lives.We are also lucky(blessed) to have people in our lives that we considered to be both! How does that saying go? "Friends ar the family we pick for ourselves..."

When things happen you really find out who your friends are...That being said I want to give you a little progress report. One of our guys was diagnosed with Tardive Dyskinesia and I had ask for prayer on this post . I want you to know that God answers prayer! It is not permanent, he is getting better everyday! He is going to have to work very hard just to back to where he was before this all started but he is on the mend! No tics, outbursts are almost non existant, no odd mouth movements and he is sleeping peacefully again!

       So I want to say thank you friends for your prayers and your encouraging words, I made this for you...

 It is filled with my gratitude. Thank you, you made a difference in a childs life.

"Am I lucky or what?" Pattern papers are from Tada Creative Studios

Card "For You" Embossed card DCWV, pattern paper GCD Studios, Prima rose sprayed with Glimmer Mist, "For You" stamp Crafty Secrets

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