Things we are thankful for

Where does the time go?
 It seems like yesterday was the first day of November
 and here we are almost at
 Thanksgiving Day!
So have you been keeping track of things your are thankful for?
I usually keep a running list but I started the month with a sinus infection, we
passed sickness around the house a few times and after everyone got better
I bit the dust. Fell and I am back in a boot- xrays show its not broken but 
this happened on Monday and it's still swollen, sore and I can't put pressure on it.
Torn tendons. So I have another week of this boot and crutches and then I go back happens next.

Whatever happens I still have a lot to be thankful for so her goes my list...
(not necessarily in order)
1 my hubby
2 my children
3 family
4 my friends
5 freedom
6 my salvation
7 our home
8 transportation
9 medical care
10 music
11 art
12 natural abilities
13 technology
14 bible
15 books
16 adoption
17 fresh baked cookies
18 beaches 
19 mountains
20 chai & green tea
21 chocolate
22 cell phones
23 the ladies in my bible study group
24 quiet times
25 that my awesome hubby cooks on Thanksgiving ;)

Did you make a list of things you are thankful for?
It's not too late!

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