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Good morning (or afternoon or evening...) bloggers!
Today I am up on the  ARTISTCELLAR 
blog (that's where you will get the details to this project!)
The thing about art is that it can be a total escape from reality
and/or it can help you get through something. It can be a time
to be silly and fun or to help you refocus on whats is important. 

You can choose to stay in something that was meant to be temporary
or you can pull yourself together and move on.
Sometimes we just need to STAND STILL  

and let things land where they may before you make your move.
Sometimes you are your only cheerleader and you have to just
keep trying and just hold on.

Who am I talking to? Myself as well as you, my sweet friends.
I have been scrapbooking and doing art for a long time
and  there are so many talented people out there! It's hard
not to be intimidated by others talent and success. Early on I was given
really good advice by two amazing ladies- they said
don't change the way you do things
We were talking about the way people photograph and do their work,
they said the industry doesn't need another ___________. There are many girls
that simply mimic other girls and you have your own style. BE YOURSELF.
I still have to remember this becasue I will see someones stuff and think oooh
that is soooo cool I want to do that!  Years from now it won't
matter "what was hot"or what everybody was doing. What matters is that it is yours,
it was genuine. And if it helped you get through something BONUS!

That being said (thank you for listening to me if you are still reading ha!) 
So if you scrapbook, do art, journal keep doing it. Do it your way and 
If you want to try something new
Even if others discourage you.
Intimidate you.
here, I'll get you started 

Are there any dreams you need to speak life into today?


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