Follow up...

How many positive comments does it take to cover a negative one?
I guess I really needed to write Mondays post on Monday- you guys  were so supportive, I so appreciate the kindness you shared. I am also so sad that so many of are going through or have gone though what I am going through.

On that same note I was thrown back a little by a phone I received today, apparently my mom got out her old phone book and called a very good old friend of the family. A friend that has not seen her in over 6 years. My mom told this person that I had her locked up in an insane asylum. Yeah, you read that right, insane asylum. :(

After explaining that I did not do that, where she really is, justifying every move & decision that I have had to make for the past year I was a bit exhausted...overwhelmed and frustrated. Why is it that
when you talk to your parents friends they make you feel like you are still a kid and second guess yourself even when you are an adult!?! As if  I hadn't done everything else I could possibly think of before moving her into assisted living.


I know it was the right move for her. She may have had a moment where she thought she was in an "insane asylum" but every time we visit she talks about how nice everyone is to her. She has made friends and goes to all the outings they have. I have not seen her this social all year. She is eating, gaining weight, taking her meds .and seems genuinely happy. Before this move I could count on one hand the days she has been happy in the past year,and even those days turned into ugly nights. And yet in a moment, she made that call. One call, that made me second guess everything.

20 to 1.

Twenty positive comments to one bad phone call.
It will take time to regroup. Regroup and start again.
Thank you for letting me vent.
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