MY 500th POST! and giveaways!

Hey there bloggers!
I know you were waiting for this post
as I announce the winner of my giveaway!
I love the excitement of a giveaway but I also get bummed because not
everyone can win. I have been thinking about this and
 came up with something - hopefully you are still
reading so you can participate!
I am blessed.
Truly I am. I am a stay at home mom that is lucky enough
work with some companies that I love.
When you are a designer you do get product for free.
You also have to design with the latest products.
So I can have gorgeous paper- but because there are only so many
hours in a day to craft I may not get to it and it becomes outdated.
There is nothing wrong with these products
and if I was scrapping to scrap it would be no big deal but right now I can't use it.
So I have all this product, I am still getting new product
and there is no way I could ever use it all.
What to do?
YES, I know I could sell it
(hubby says he could retire if I sold all my stuff -
 I will never let that happen!) but really I would rather
I bless somebody else with it - as I have been blessed.
I am thinking somebody would be blessed by all this stuff.
So I prayed about it and this is what God put on my heart.
10 and 20 random acts of kindness.
On the 10th and 20th of each month
I will make a post and choose one person
to send a box full of older paper and embellishments.
All that can fit in this box.

Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box-O-FRB2
11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2"
If you are interested in
receiving these older products all you have to do
is comment on the 10th and 20th of each month.
What will be in the box?
A variety of pattern paper, card stock and embellishments.
I will not be posting pictures of what is in the boxes,
it will vary. I will do this until I no longer have anything to
give away or if there is no interest. I guess I will play it by ear
and see what kind of response I get.  In order to win you do not
have to follow me or anything, just comment on those particular posts.
If you comment on those days and are not interested in winning please
let me know -it does not cost you anything but it does cost me
shipping so I don't want to send you something you don't want
or can use. I will announce it the next day, you will have to contact
me within one week to claim your prize so I can get it shipped out.
The only catch is I can't ship international - so sorry ladies!
US and Canada is OK.
 What do you think?
If you think this is a good idea but don't want it
yourself could you  help me and post about it so the word gets out?
I would really appreciate it!
I almost forgot to post the winner of my
500th post is
Mary Jo Rhoda!
please email me your addy please!
I couldn't do a post without a picture
so just in case you missed it I did this craft (above) on the
TaDa Studios blog with the Poolside Collection!
 P.S. I was asked if I sit down in one setting to do my art journal
pages - the answer is no. Usually I do all drawings in one day,
then on a different day go back and color one page(2 page layout) in one setting.
Often I go back again later to add or fix or sometimes I am good with it!
Thanks for asking!

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