Fun stuff in progress...

I have been working really hard on getting my scrapbook room in order for
the big blog hop reveal on Sat the 14th!
So in the meantime I have some fun posts this week including
today's work in progress!
 Pencil drawing...

 Filling in with black PITT® Artist Pens, lucky for me they 

come in different size tips so I can fill in even the tiniest spaces!

 I traced over the pencil lines with PITT® Artist Pens so I can erase any
  extra lines before painting. They are filled with India ink so they won't  bleed when 
I add paint or water.

 I used Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils (reds) for the hair color...

  I blended the color with a wet paint brush.

 I used the Art GRIP® Aquarelle Watercolor Pencils
for the skin color as well. 

 I added a little bit of Peach Gelato™. 

 For the background  I used PITT® Pastel Pencils, 
starting with the edges, blending with my fingers and gradually adding more color.

Last but not least I added a quote
 and filled in the wings with PITT® Artist Pens in various colors...

Don't forget to check back Sat to see my finished 
(for now-because it's always changing to suit my needs)
scrapbook room and the other fantastic rooms from the blog hop
"where women create"!


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