give away, surgery and regularly scheduled programs

Hey bloggers -

 If you have been blogging for any amount of time you know that you can schedule blog posts ahead of time. This weeks posts (other than this one) were already scheduled last week. Unfortunately I have not had the time or energy to look through the list of the Faber/Prima blog hop comments to choose a winner. I had planned on adding it to todays post "Grandmas doilies".

 Last Friday I was admitted into the ER and ended up having an emergency gall bladder surgery that afternoon! No - I didn't know about any condition before hand, so  I guess it was good I went to the doc - who rushed me to the ER. Long story short all my posts have been posting and todays went up without a winner. I am getting better everyday but I am exhausted and am not awake long enough to do anything substantial. Not even scrap! They say I should be more "normal" in 8-10 days is day 6 and I'm not feeling anywhere near "normal". I wont bore you with the painful details. I am hoping to get a winner posted posted by this weekend, please bear with me.

Meanwhile thank you for your sweet comments - especially on Mothers day, I think it was the first Mothers day  I have not attended church, I was too sore and sick from the surgery and was feeling quite depressed. I was able to read your comments and will get back to reading and commenting on your blogs as soon as I am feeling better. I hope you are having a great week.

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