Manic Mondays - Operation Clean up!

So seriously - I am not a slob,
we just moved into a five bedroom house in July.
With five kids, moving mom to TX & life, priorities were NOT the scrapbook room!
As I sorted through the boxes (no I am not finished)
and put together rooms, anything that related to crafting
got tossed (literally - thanks kids) into my scrapbook room for me to deal with later.
Well LATER is here and I am determined get my room in order!
So I figure Mondays I will post my progress until it is completed to my liking!
 (I figure I HAVE to do it if I am commiting to post about it!)
Heres a quick intro! ( Dont judge me -I know it's bad!)


All my lime green post it notes will be replaced by pretty labels
 eventually but I needed something to get me started!
Lots of stuff has been dumped from the move, CHA, shipments, etc.
I have to find a place for all of it!
I hate this corner - it is totally non functional-
I have aleady moved somethngs in the short video clip.
Lots of notes - after working in here a bit ( I know crazy right?)
I found that things weren't working for the way I scrap -
I am organizing and moving things around to make it work;
of course it would help if it was clean too...
I did do my drawers...adhesives are sorted, dry, wet and dimensional.
Behind it are staplers & staples, piecies to my ATG
and extra tape runners for friends in case they forget theirs.
My favorite drawer!
Molding pastes, gel mediums, gesso, spray paint, varnishes, finishes...

  I have several drawers of embellishments!
When I get done cleaning organizing I still need to
finish painting - I am not loving this blue :(
I will have to do something creative with it.
Cabinets - are organized, this one has all my pics on CD's,
 I want to change to one of those Picture keepers -
but I have yet  to do that in all my spare time (you know -eating bon bons and watching TV.)
Below is a PART of my ribbon collection,
I say part...well...I admit I have an addiction to ribbon.
This is the part that is organized by color on traditional wooden clothespins. :)

On the inside of this cabinet I posted a chalk bord and magnetic memo board.
These are cool 12x12 sheets from Canvas Corp.
Do you think it will help me stay organized?
 I hope so. I have already started writing things I need to do
 (after I am organized) like painting, fixing or changing or
adding new organizational peices to my scrapbook room.
This is not an easy task. My friend J. used to come over and chat with me
whenever I cleaned or reorganized my room in CO. (Come help me J.!)
It made it more fun and she kept me moving along and not getting sidetracked.
My greatest downfall here is I come across
something cool I forgot I had and with a clear surfaces
I am so tempted to stop and create RIGHT NOW!
So seriously YOU will help me stay on task right???
Hope you are having a wonderful day...
as for me, back to cleaning!!!

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