Adoption Announcement!

One of the things I am so thankful
for especially this time of the year is adoption.
We have been blessed three times over by adoption.
 We brought home two of our children in November
(different years) and one in September so these are
special times of the year. This year is no different
 and today we added a new member to the family... meet Spencer!!!

The kids ran him all over the yard and my camera
 of course was no where to be found!
Uggh so mad I missed those first shots!
 This evening he was exhausted
but very willing to  pose for pictures -
he is fitting in already!
 This is a bad pic but they looked so cute I included it anyway!
Yep - the Barakats finally have a dog after all these years!
I know, I can hardly believe it myself but look at that face!
Besides my heart was moved as he was living in a foster home,
we were even tempted to take in his sister but I am
overwhelmed at the thought of just training one puppy !
I am very tempted to send out adoption announcements -
this was definitely the easiest adoption we ever did!

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