May 1st things that make me happy...

I am sooo busy creating wonderfully fun things that I can't share yet
but I can share some things that make me happy...

This is a view I see going to my new house..yeah thats water
- love it!

 I got this at a local store - the artist Kellie Rae Roberts is SOOO inspiring!!!
She is the orginater of all these "girl" portraits you see around.
I bought this for my scrapbook room (being built in the new house!!)
I totally love all her stuff and this is my first peice - this makes me happy!
New products - packaging is very important I love these new Art C products!
Look at those little bottles and spools!

Also I am almost done with the boot! Yay! One more week!

We had a preliminary walk through of our new house and they are moving right along!
Here's a funny story, we are in corperate housing and the  last approved date for us to live here is June 9th, so we have been praying that we our new house would be finished by June 9th so we would not have to spend time in a hotel with 5 kids! (Yes our oldest will be home from college then.) So we go to the walk though and ask about the date and he (the foreman- we did not tell him the date we needed)says ....JUNE 9th! The only bummer is they will be done June 9th but we wont be able to take possesion of the house until June 19th. (Inspections and such.. I didn't think about this when I was praying lol!) Of course this is if nothing crazy happens and they stay on schedule!
10 days in a hotel is not so bad, right? Keep us in your prayers!

Keep watching this blog - I have two blog hops this month and some giveaways too!
Happy Scrapping!


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