House Updates!

House Updates!!!! Imagine our surprize to see this Sunday!!!
                                                                  We have brick!!!
                                                 Looking at Dining Room and Living Room...

                                                                    Outdoor Fireplace!
Potential scrapbook room - I made the desicion to go upstairs because when I measured the downstairs room it is actually smaller than my last scrapbook room so my furniture won't even fit in there. I can use this open space at the top of the stairs or the media room . The top of stairs space "the gameroom" is 18x13  (losing some space where people would walk through) and it is open - no way to lock up my supplies or keep little ones out. Or I can take "the Media Room" which is 20x12, has double doors, fancy sconces but no windows. I hate not having windows, but I also hate not having a way to keep the kids from my things. Both rooms are next to a bathroom. Both rooms have a visual to the kids homework station. And we would watch movies downstairs so it wouldn't be a loss- either on of these rooms could also be a playroom for the kids. Thanks for all the feedback so far. I guess I will have to wait until they put in the lighting to see if the media room would even be feasable.
 Here is the garage door leading to the back yard - of course baby girl
is always by my side and asked if she should pose LOL!
 This is the veiw from the back of the back yard wall looking at the back of the house!
The kids are really going to love this yard once it's finished!
                                                                    It was a good day!!

                                           Speaking of good days DaraLynn, Jenni and Sylivia
                              send me your addy and I will send you a little something in the mail! ; )


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