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First, thank you for your prayers I will keep you posted on what happens next. ( See previous post Aug 31 - prayer request). This layout is about my oldest son and from the "yearning" kit over at Scrapbooking From The Inside Out. (I have a pic of it below). The colors in this kit are deep and rich browns, oranges and teals. Gorgeous. Here is my journaling...
Today you made me so proud. Today you gave your first sermon. I say first because I believe that it will be the first of many. You wrote all yourself, included your testimony and scripture. It was amazing how honest you were. You are someone who doesn’t normally share his feelings, it was very moving. Many in the congregation were in tears, especially the ones that truly know you and the struggles you have had in the past year. I am amazed at the maturity at your age to be able to reflect on your life and recognize that you need help. Even more impressive is your ability to ask for help and the fact that you are eager and willing to receive it.
Today proves that our instruction for you has not been in vain. You have been listening and have learned. I know that the choices you make are your own, but it is hard for parents to stand by and watch as their children make decisions that are so destructive. I know that you are more than capable of making good choices; you have learned by experience that small seemingly insignificant choices do affect you and others around you.
My prayer for you is that you will be able to look back one day and know that this day was a turning point in your life. Like you said in your sermon, God is giving you another chance at life. You have been called to do great things. I know that He will use this time to help you become the Godly young man you already have inside.
Truly I could not have been more proud than I was at this moment. My son wrote the sermon himself. When he was a toddler there was an evangelist that came to our church and he asked if that was our son, we said yes and he prophecied over him. He said that this boy would one day bring thousands to Christ. I will never forget that day. He decided to write a sermon, finished it in three days and it was good; I just can't help but think that this is the beginning of something. He is so comfortable preaching in front of an audience and the audience was moved at what he had to say; he was sincere and transparent. Coming from a teen that doesn't like to share his feelings and has been walking on the fence it is amazing to see what God is doing.
Tommorow I will post more projects from the "Yearning" kit so come back and check it out! Meanwhile here is a sampling from the kit - it really is fabulous!

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