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In light of recent events I must admit it has been very difficult to scrapbook. Sad but true, yet understandable. So since I haven't been scrappin' I thought I might show you my "scrappy space". When we moved last time ( 4 years ago) I told hubby we had to find a house that would have a room for all my scrapbook stuff! We bought a house that has 6 bedrooms and one room that could be converted into a bedroom or den. We did it so that if the kids wanted to they could each have their own rooms. Well a couple don't like being alone in their own room so lucky me I took over! This is my "scrappy space" I have a lock on the door so if I have to leave in the middle of a project I know it won't be disturbed while I'm gone! These are under my counters- storage for paper pads, club kits, stuff I'm collecting for future albums. A friend of mine got me these boxes when her work got all new laptops. Of course I couldn't leave them that way so I painted them to match my walls and stamped them. I have high counters so lttle fingers dont touch anything they shouldn't! I have bar stools in here too (not pictured) but I tend to scrapbook standing up! Lots of embellishments are seen here- if I don't see them I tend to forget what I have and won't use them. See that black cabinet? my smart hubby called me when he saw that a local grocery store was throwing them during a remodel! I painted the fronts, added scrolls that I cut with my cricut and they are as good as new! For free! That's a great price!
This space is where the closet would have gone! I finally found bookshelves that fit this space! See those red cubbies? I house all my chipboard letters there - by the letter. The photo boxes houses surplus adhesives, ribbon, 4x6 photo paper, pictures, mini albums, ect. Glass candy jars house glitter, ribbons with words printed on them, bling, chatterbox chipboard, and acrylic letters.
The little black cabinet was actually made for cd's but I found it very handy! This whole section houses all of my tools. (cutters, staplers, die cut machines...)The brown underneath was a gift from our friends! Isn't it beautiful!?! They made it and surprised us! We all knew exactly where it was going!!!LOL!
Sometimes I get crazy ideas and it works! I love the orange on the wall! I just did it with my acrylics and it's hard to tell but it has this whole texture effect to, light and dark- I don't know but I like it. I used my cricut for the saying on the wall in black. Love that saying! The plaque in the middle was also a gift from a friend - it cracks me up! "Then God said "Let there be chocolate", and there was chocolate. God saw that it was good and He seperated the light from the dark." (I love chocolate)
My "clip it up house" my acrylic stamps. I needed to do that so I would use them! (Out of sight , out of mind.) My friends DH put that bar up in the window to house all my flat embellishments! ( I had way too many for the "clip it up!")
Here is another corner the word "create" and the flourishes I actually painted on the wall. I used the Cricut for the other saying. The TV in this picture actually stopped working recently and my DH bought a flat screen! We don't have tv but I watch "smallville" dvd's while I scrap. Every now and then I throw in a "women of faith" dvd.
This is a close up of my lamp - It was actually a plain off white lampshade! I bought the lamps at home depot for $20.oo and altered the shade! I took the same paint I used for the walls , watered it down so it was super runny. I put the paint in a little spray bottle and sprayed the fabric shades until I liked the color. While it was drying I cut those fun shapes out of black cardstock with my cricut! I used krylon spray adhesive to adhere them to the inside of the shades! Another crazy idea that worked and I love the way it came out.
Also in this room are those little altered frames with my favorite scriptures and quotes. (A few posts back - a tutorial) So tommorow I should have some new layouts to display.
Thanks to all who have been praying for my DS - he is needing it. I can tell he's feeling better because he is so irritated with me today! I would not let him go camping with his friends! I know, I am so mean. Here he is with over 30 stitches in his face, his cheek looks like he has a softball in his mouth and I won't let him go camping! Teenagers!! Drive you crazy - but you gotta love them. Things are getting back to normal around here!

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