Just for fun- tutorial

Want to make an easy decoration? I love quotes and scriptures and I wanted a way to put them up so I could be reminded of them all the time. So what a better way than to frame them? First of all I wanted to do a group so I bought a bunch a dollar store frames, took out the glass and backboard. I did not find them all in black so I painted them all with black glossy acrylic paint. (If the finish is shiny you may have to sand them and/or prime them) I measured the inside space for each frame. I typed my favorite quotes and scriptures printed them on solid cardstock and cut them to fit in each frame. I matted them with printed paper.

Paint ribbon:
When I get an idea I have to act on it; I did not have orange ribbon to match so I painted the ribbon I already had in my stash! To make sure the ribbon is not super stiff add water to acrylic paint (I love acrylic paint so versitle and easy water clean up!) The consitency should be runny, like water. I painted white fabric flowers to match!

After the ribbon was dry I put the ribbon around the frame, leaving a loop on the top and stapled it together, right inside the frame. I put a brad through all my flowers and throught both sides of the ribbon. (The petals covered the staples)

I measured where I wanted the paper to hang in the frame. I stapled the pattern paper (the mat for my solid cardstock) directly to the ribbon.

Over the staple I used my tape runner to adhere the carstock quote and/or scripture to the printed paper.
And there you go!
Easy, inexpensive decoration and inspiration! Enjoy!
Oh! Just for your info. These are hanging in my scrapbook room, which has a whole wall that is orange - I am obviously on an orange kick right now! TFL! :)


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