Thank you

Veterans Day, 11th of November and time is flying by! 

My thoughts are random today as I write this post. 
There are so many things to be thankful, friends, shelter, provision, health,
healing, freedom, there are so many things to be grateful for. 
Today is Veterans day and shame on me if I didn't mention the brave
 men and women that have served our country - past and present. I am thankful. 
We take so many things for granted. 
Sometimes you have to fight & stand up for what you believe in.
 I have been doing a study on Elijah and tomorrow is our last class.
We used Charles Swindoll's book "Elijah",a man of heroism and humility".
I learned a lot. About others, about myself and people in general.
(I just finished the book this book this morning~ tomorrow is our last class.) 
I have never been one for history but it was very interesting to me 
as people do not change. We make the same mistakes as they did then.
We are so blessed to live in a free world and we take that for granted - 
Elijah (alone) had to stand up for what was right against the king and his men.
Every time the kings men could have taken his life for his defiance of the king.
But he was doing what God called him to do.

I think if how many times was I supposed to do something and didn't and yet
young men and women go off to war everyday and do things that we don't
 even want to talk about ?

Or worse we dishonor their sacrifice by taking them for granted or not giving 
them  respect for their sacrifice. Yes it's their choice , but we all reap the benefits. 
So today I say 

for those who serve and have served our country. 
We may not be where we want to be as a country
but we are a free country and that is something that we should all be very grateful for!
Have a blessed day!

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