Feeling Blue?

Monday morning blues? Not me. Hey there bloggers.
First of all let me just say ya'll (yeah I live in TX) are so SO unpredictable!
So I got tons of private messagesin response to the post I left on Friday.
I saw that many of you even shared Fridays post on your FB - that was an unexpected surprise.
Which just goes to show you can't judge a post by the comments left behind. 
So I just wanted to tell you thank you for doing that.

***  This pic of baby girl (obviously) is a few years old and I love it even though she  looks so sad.

 Her big brother had been pulling her in a wagon that she loved and she stood up and...
oh yeah, face first, she hit the ground, her bangs are covering a lot of it -
 this picture was actually a few days later.
She really heals quite fast and it left no scars which is amazing considering the road rash she had.

She was so sad - she didn't cry, she just walked around like this for about a week. 
Her big brother felt horrible about it.

I was thinking that's how we are you know - our outside may look we are fine, or on the mend...
 but on the inside we are may still healing, trying to recovery from hurt and trauma (or drama). 
And you know what I think that's OK. I think God knows what we need when we need it.
There are many examples of people grieving in the bible that turn around and do great things for God. Nehemiah for example, cried for days, grieved for God's people and cried out to God. Then he turned grieving into prayer, praise, thanksgiving and then God used Him to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.

Which makes me think of a few things -
*One - you never know if the person you are dealing with is just barely keeping it together, trying to recover from previous hurt or trauma. So we need to be kind to others.
*Two- if you are on the one trying to keep it together because you are on the mend, give your self a break- it's OK to take time to heal .
*You are amazing and special and different - there is no one exactly like you, and there is a purpose for your life - so  you cant stay in the trauma mode you must move on to discover God's will for your life !
Because I am sure it's AWESOME!

Paper - DCWV Always and Forever Stack,
Pink Paislee Artisan Elements,
Blue Fern Chipboard,
KI Memories chipboard alphas,
ZVA flowers,
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos, Gesso, Gel Medium and PITT Artist Pen
Tombow Stamp Runner

Notes: I covered the alphas and chipboard swirl with Gesso. When it was dry I glued them onto the page. I used dark to light blue Gelatos and a dry sponge to blend the entire page. ( I have step out pictures.) I dyed the flowers by mixing Gelatos with water on a non stick mat and painting the flowers.
 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg

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