How cool is this? 
Friday I found out that this little mini I made for DCWV
was used for an ad in the in the current
Northridge publication "Create"!
I don't know what it is about being published
that makes you feel validated but it does.
(The kids are pretty excited too! LOL)
I have three layouts in the next Creating Keepsakes magazine too!

 I don't have any pics that show how I made this; sometimes deadlines
for projects are pretty quick and usually I don't get to post them online
so I don't take "in progress" pictures. (This was an exception but I didn't 
know until after it was already finished.)

 The mini is from Clear Scraps and all the papers
of course are from DCWV Haute Pink stacfrom me!
*Did you know that when you design for adecrs or articles
sometimes the inside isn't finished?
Yep-trade secret! Shhh..but you didn't hear that from me!

 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg

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