Grand parents day!

 Hey there artsy peoples Rita Barakat here! Did you know that Sept 8th was grandparents day? 
The elementary schools here in Texas declared it grandparents week so I thought 
                  it would be appropriate to share this layout with baby girl and her Abuela (grandmother).

 This week Susan K. Weckessor and Want to Scrap have teamed up!
Did you know that in addition to chipboard pieces they also make
cute little metal embellishments! See that little birdcage
with the heart? Yep, Want to Scrap!
Here is a chipboard piece from Want to Scrap. 
I colored it with Gelatos to match Susan K. Weckesser
whimsical papers! Sweet little hearts right?
Well this might be a good time to do a grandparent layout!

*Update on my mom
Thank you for those who have expressed your kind and supportive words,
and said prayers! It continues to be a struggle, she does not remember my kids names but 
they don't care, they love on her anyways. She is eating and taking her meds.
She is stuck on one thing- "I want to go back to California" or if she can't remember
California she says "to where I was living before."  We have this conversation over and over.
When I leave her I don't even make it to the car before she is calling
to tell me the same thing. Anytime they are not keeping her busy she is calling me.
If I answer, as soon as we hang up she calls right back and we have the same conversation.
If I don't answer she leaves a voice mail, hangs up and does it again.
She fills my box almost daily. Until this started happening I never saw my
voice mail filled where it says I can't recieve any more messages until I empty it!
She does participate in the activities there, so thats good, she is safe and eats
at least three times a day. She is not happy- at least not when I'm around.
But they tell she is fine when I am not around. I guess that's good, sort of.
Anywho thats the scoop.
Picture me making a face. 

 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg

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