Mixed media art journal page- wisdom

Hello  blog friends, a little scripture today to ponder. 
She looks like she is pondering doesn't she? LOL
 A page form my art jounral- I can't believe I am almost finished with it.
I think when I am done I will do a video with all the pages- I have already started
a new one with different things in it that are not just faces. I will say though
that the new journal doesnt have any texture and I like the textured
hand made papers better, just my personal preference.

 Here is the scripture- details are on the Artistcellar blog today-
you can also find a lot of the supplies I use there.
I like putting scriptures and quotes of things that speak to me in my journals.
I have never been good at memorizing so it's nice to be able to pull these
verses out and use them in my work.
(Disclaimer:  I certainly don't claim to be perfect in anyway,
these are things I strive for and I am a visual person so I need to see it!)

 Here are the two pages! 
On a different note I have not figured out what all the hoopla is about google reader/followers- that it's going away or  just part of it on July 1st? Not sure how it will affect me but just to be safe I transferred all the blogs I follow on bloglovin.com (it was super easy and I am not a tech kinda gal!) . I put the blinkie on the right if you want to follow me on bloglovin  
or you can subscribe to me through email too.
I am hoping not to lose all my followers when this happens!
Do you know the scoop? I have read so many contradictory things I can't
 make sense of it! I guess we will all find out in a few days for sure...
Also if you are on facebook  I had to do a business page
you can find it here - https://www.facebook.com/BarakatRita
Seriously I am new to all this social media stuff - it's hard to keep up 
and it is very confusing! But it's there, if you
could go and "like" my page I would so appreciate it!
Have a great weekend!

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