A little bird

 Hey there peeps so glad you stopped by on this fine Mixed Media Friday!
Well I have a confession to make, I was reorganizing my files on my computer.
I found a more efficient way to organize my projects and somehow in all my expertise(not)
I accidentally wiped out the pics I took showing how I made this bird!
At least I can walk you through it!
I usually gesso everything but this project started out as a whim,
I had done a ton of layouts and wanted to do something different.
So I just started painting the entire chipboard bird(Clear Scraps) with Silks.
I didn't wait for it to dry and went over with a stencil (Artistcellar waves)
and gel medium. Under that I added lots more gel medium so I could add the beads on top.
The head area was covered with Kroma crackle and becasue I did not gesso it first it pulled
some of the color from the Silks and made that cool two tone effect!
When the gel medium was dry I went over the raised stenciled areas with Inka Gold in Violet.

 More beads(all from Blue Moon), I have been dying to add those pearly shells beads to a project!
And the three flowers? I painted with them with Silks, Jasmine, Watermelon Mist and Pink Azelea!
The beads match with the paint perfectly!

 Here I repeated the stencil, paint and crackle. The lines are metallic embroidery floss
wrapped around the tail, the added gel medium and more beads! When it was dry some of the gel medium dried cloudy, I painted those areas with the Silks.

This was a fun project. I was most pleasantly surprised to see
crackle reaction with the Silks. I thought I was going to have to back, and
paint the top of those areas (I applied it pretty thick). Instead it has a matte crackle
finish on top of the shimmer look of the Silks.
Here is the completed project . Added a little treat for her to hold!
After she was finished I thought she was so pretty but what was I going to do with her?
Well no sooner than that thought crossed my mind when my oldest bounces into the room
saying "oooh she is so pretty is that for me?" and I replied, "Well of course it is my dear!"
And there you have it. 
Have you used beads in your mixed media?
 photo 30f97b72-4f96-4dea-ae94-1e7248df6f50_zps1fa57618.jpg

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