Hey there bloggers!  First thank you so much for praying for baby Tate! (see previous post)
Thank God his surgery went well and is doing better- please continue to pray
 for him, the doctors and his family as he recovers! It is an amazing thing
when with just a few emails, FB status and blog posts we can unite and rally
behind a family that needs our prayers! I am grateful to know so many amazing
people that would step up an do for others. I am also grateful that God would allow
us to be a part of this familys life. 

Last year at this time we were struggling ourselves- 
waiting for a diagnosis for our oldest. That's what this 
journal page is about. She was having seizures, had
a low white blood cell count, tics, etc. Many tests were done, many 
specialists saw her and so many scarey things were speculated.
All the tests came back negative. And although
we did not have answers, we praised God 
for what it wasn't as each result came in.
We praise Him when things are good- but we also need to 
praise Him when things are bad.
Circumstance should not matter. He may not answer your 
prayers the way you want, or in your timing, but He does answer prayer.
Today I thank Him for giving little Tate a miracle and for relieving all the
symptoms for my oldest. They never did figure it out what was causing all that
 but we Praise God that she is doing much better now.
Thank you again for your prayers.
The details of this project are on the artistcellar blog  today!

I hope this makes you want to count your blessings and go create something!
I almost forgot
Kelly Sas
you  are the winner of my mini!
 Email me your addy! (click on my profile)

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