Pink Paislee and Faber-Castell

May 2013 007
Hey there bloggers!! Guess what?  There are not one but TWO
product giveaways on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft this week!
This project is from the Pink Paislee/ Faber Castell Design Memory Craft giveaway!
So go to the blog to find out how to win!

(I used Banana and Tangerine Gelatos®,
Stampers Big Brush 107 Cadmium yellow, 113 Orange Glaze on these pages.)

May 2013 013
We were given the Pink Paislee Artisan Collection to work with; If you are not familiar with this line, it looks like it's all white or off white but it
all has a resist or texture perfect to use with Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft!
The covers actually have fabric adhered to the board, so it was fun to work with!

May 2013 002
I used the same technique on all the pages, drew with Gelatos, sprayed with water and spread the color with a paint brush.  I did the same for the Artisan tab dividers, ribbons, titles, chipboard, and elements. I used Grape and Blueberry Gelatos® for the cover and back page of the book. To get more coverage on the Elements and titles I went back  over with the matching PITT Stampers big brush.
The elements and titles have adhesive on the back and a rubbery feel to them - I don't know what it is but it's cool!

May 2013 003
Here are the pages...

May 2013 005
I used Lime and Cotton Candy Gelatos®.
Stampers Big Brush- 112 Leaf Green & 154 Light Cobalt Blue
Anywhere you see white that's the resist already on the products!
May 2013 006
I used Banana and Lime Gelatos®.
Stampers Big Brush- 112 leaf green, 107 Cadmium yellow, 154 Light Cobalt Blue

May 2013 009
I used Tangerine and Red Cherry Gelatos®.
Stampers Big Brush 113 Orange Glaze & 121 Geranium Lake

May 2013 010
I used Peach and Watermelon Gelatos®.
Stampers Big Brush 132 Light Flesh, 129 Pink Madder Lake

May 2013 011
I used Peach and Chocolate Gelatos®.
Stampers Big Brush 132 Light Flesh, 178 Nougat

May 2013 012
Here is the back cover.

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