Journal time! Mixed Media style...

Hey bloggers did you see this post on the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft blog?
Well just in case you didn't...
I love altering books - especially composition books, they really come in handy for notes and such. And if I am going to carry a note book it needs to look cool so
I must alter it, I'm just saying.(This one I actually made for a friend, and hers has to be cool too.)
Here is the front cover. First I covered the entire surface(front and back) with gesso.
The books have a glossy finish, gesso changes that and covers some of the black.
Once it was dry I used  a thick layer of modeling paste, I then closed the book
backwards (the two covers touching each other) and that's how I got the back
ground texture.
While it was wet I added the wings stencil and more paste, some buttons,
metal charms and tissue on the bottom and set aside to dry completely.
DRY TECHNIQUE: After it was dry I drew on the journal with Red Cherry
and Lemon Gelatos®. (Lemon in the middle) I spread the color around
with an art sponge, blending and adding color if needed until I liked the look.
(An art sponge is like a make up sponge that is more dense and lasts longer
than a regular sponge.) Then I went back added the doodling and journal.
The last part was adding the sand. (Viva stone art).
Here is how the back turned out - Using the dry technique with Gelatos®.

Here I used PITT® Artist Pen for journaling and doodles.
I hope this gives you and idea to be creative  - there are so many things that need to be altered,
I'm just saying!

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