Making Angel Wings- MiXed MeDia

Hey there bloggers!
MiXed MeDia Friday is here and as always you can find me on the
Artistcellar blog today!! Where has this week gone? Last week was crazy with all
those blog hops and this week was quiet- but not to worry there are more prizes to be 
won right around the corner as  I have some blog hops next week so be sure to check back!

 On this wonderful MiXed MeDiA Friday I am sharing a page from my
art journal book. If you have seen other pages from my book you know that
I don't always have writingbut there is always feeling. I think your art journal
book should be fun, creative and capture emotion; every book should be
different and unique to you. I started this book because I felt like I couldn't do
faces and it has taken on a life of it's own. But enough about me!

Since I started with Artistcellar I have been lucky to play with some
really fun new products! Well new to me! I am loving the rich colors
of the Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glazes! The Silks are transparent so you can 
use them on top of other products or keep adding layers, creating depth
 and rich, vibrant color! I only have a few colors(so far!) and the cool thing 
is they all have a multi color shimmer to them.
I used PITT Artist pens to draw her outlines.
I used the Coral Berry and it was the perfect compliment to the
Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Aquarelles (watercolor pencils).
I used the Aquarelles for the base color of her hair, lips and eyes then
went over it with the Silks. The Silks color is coral but it has a
lilac shimmer, which makes it look purplish in certain light! Cool stuff!
 I used modeling paste for the wings- the ribbon flowers, pearls and 
paper hearts were embedded while the paste was still wet.
Of course I had to add a little color to the flowers and added a little
Radient Rain to add the shine to the wings.
 I am loving doing these MiXed MeDiA Fridays-
so many things to try, so little time! I hope you are trying some of these things at home!
And on a side note-
Can anybody tell me where I can get this multifaceted hair color in real life?
Because that would be really cool!
Have a great weekend!

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