Exhasted and my most favorite project ever...

It is 10:55 am  and I am EXHAUSTED! 
My flight coming home yesterday was cancelled and they put me on a later one
I got home at MIDNIGHT! not cool! But at least I am finally home! 
I have so many pics to share but I need to  figure out how to get them
 from my IPAD to my blog! Remember I AM NOT computer/electronics savvy!
One of these times I will get it together! (Apparently this is not one of those days!) 
I can see how to get them on facebook and on my blog but only one at a time-
and believe me that will take a LONG time as there are many pics. 
Please tell me if you know how to do this!
Meanwhile I want to show you my most favorite project I  for CHA!
Probably because it was so different for me, but I just love it!

 I made it for the DCWV booth-  the papers are all brand new DCWV papers;
the pattern turquoise background, the veil, the dress.
The jewelry and beads are all Blue Moon Beads also from DCWV.
It was a large bowl approximately 13x13.

 I drew and painted her on watercolor paper using Design Memory Craft
 gesso, Gelatos, PITT Artist pens.

 This was the original drawing I submitted to DCWV for approval for the project.
I was so excited when it was approved it was so hard not to share this with you!!!
If you want to see the rest of the DCWV booth you caeck it out here,
 DCWV 2013 CHA Booth

 A close up - I loved doing her "henna " tattoos, 
I thought this was much prettier than the bangles I had originally drawn.

 Adding beads to the fabric - I used Scrap Happy Glue. 
(Modeling paste & Gel Medium for all the other beads and jewelry pieces.) 

I used modeling paste and Gelatos to get that gorgeous color and hold
the tiny beads in place. I added some sheer fabrics on top of the glitter paper for effect.
I would do this again- it was so much fun to make!
I will work on my CHA photos and get them up by Friday!
Meanwhile lets announce some winners!

The winner of the Clear Scraps giveaway for my blog is

And the winner of my 10 and 20 box is
Miriam Prantner
Send me your address ladies!

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