Cool people - fellow designers

Another thing I love about being able to attend CHA is meeting up 
with fellow designers - the girls you've worked with in the past & present-
the girls that get you! It's fun seeing old friends again and meeting up with ones
for the first time in real life! Look at these cute girls!
 I wish I would have gotten a picture with sweeties 
Eva Doblias, Erin Madson, and Christy Tomlinson but I wasn't thinking at the time!

 I was lucky enough to get time with sweet Karla and hang out 
at Downtown Disney! SO fun!

And super blessed to have such an awesome roomie! 
 I even got to meet one of my blog readers!
How awesome is that?


Orange Juice. <body>

Who wants orange juice?
It's fresh.

Basically, your welcome message
right here.