Twinkling fairy, a tutorial...sort of

Hey bloggers, I hope your Christmas was wonderful.
Ours was very smooth and that makes me happy.
We did have snow on Christmas day- it was so cold
I felt like I was back in CO! The kids are loving it!

I am pretty much done with CHA projects so I have time
to get back to creating just to for the sake of creating!
The process:

 I draw, no special pencil I have tried many and actually
like mechanical pencils and a big white eraser. I don't like 
taking the time to sharpen pencils, especially if I am on a roll.
Sometimes I do this in one sitting- sometimes I walk away and come back to it.

 Once I am happy with the drawing I use a black PITT Artist Pen in black XS.
I use these because they are filled with India Ink- 
it dries fast and is permanent once it's dry.
I can use water or paint on top and I know nothing is going to happen to my image.
(It doesn't bleed through the paper either!)

 Sometimes at this stage I might fix things that were not quite right. 
After I trace my lines I go back and erase any stray pencil lines. 

 When I do fairies I like to fill in the wings with a black PITT Artist pen- B tip.
Then I know I can use any medium and not lose my shapes.

For faces I like using Gelatos- various colors. 
Then I get a wet paint brush, mix Gesso and a little water
and use this to blend the Gelatos already on the page.
After that I get carried away with color and forget to take pictures! 

 I will tell you to get depth in the eyes I use the Aquarelles, 
wet with a paint brush and repeat around the edges.

 I used various mediums:
PITT Artist Pens, Gelatos, Aquarelles
Liquitex -Gesso & Gel Medium,
Ranger -Tim Holtz tissue paper & glossy accents
Creative Imaginations Twinkling H20's.

I hope you enjoy  this post,
I will post some other pages soon. 

* And to answer a few questions that keep coming up,
the sponges I use when I use the dry technique for Gelatos
are called "Pan Pastel Softt Art sponges" the are similar
to a make up sponge but are super strong and
don't fall apart as easily - even with stencils.
I use one sponge for each color so I dont get muddy colors
and I don't have to rinse them out.

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