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 In all the rush of the Christmas season I wanted to get something off my chest.
I am sure you are heartbroken as I am for the families that
lost their children  and loved ones in CT- I am sure that we are all praying 
for those families right now. I can't even begin to imagine Christmas day 
without our children. 
I don't even have words to express
 this heavy feeling of grief for their loss.
As I have been praying for those families, another family came to mind 
and I had to pray for that family as well. The family of the shooter.
Don't stop reading my blog.
Allow me to explain.
Just as the families that lost their loved ones are overwhelmed with grief,
I imagine the family of the shooter are full of grief as well...
and horror
and shock
and devastation 
and guilt
and anger,
not to mention shame. 
Anybody who has raised teens knows some kids no matter how great the parents are
make poor choices, reckless choices that affect others. 
We try to get them through and pray that they become responsible adults.

I know he is not a teen.
I also know by working with teens and young adults that
the choices from our past affect how we handle the present - good or bad.
I also know that our choices may not have anything to do with our parents, 
or upbringing or circumstances. Some people have mental illness or addictions;
but some people are just full of hatred and evil. 

I cant imagine the stigma of raising or being related to a person
a person that commits such a horrible crime. So I include this family in my prayers,
as well as the other children and adults that were there that day and witnessed
such horror and loss. I can't imagine the nightmares they must have and pray for 
the healing of their minds & hearts as well. 
Those families involved desperately need our prayers too.

So as you enjoy your family this holiday remember to say 
a prayer for these families and all that are hurting right now.
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I wish you the best this holiday season, Merry Christmas

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 And a little bonus, a sweet, sweet lady has 
requested a song from me for the past few years
- so here you go Merry Christmas Q.
I have had several other people ask
so I figured I  would post it here.

* Disclosure- The video is really bad - especially towards
 the end but at least you can still hear it. And I have been sick-
So listen, if you want to. You have been warned,
you don't have to listen if you don't want LOL!


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