hoot! baby owl treats!

Oh my goodness I am so tired! It has been the longest day!
(School, ballet class, fall festival and a movie...)
OK I am writing this Wed night to be published first thing in the morning!
I made these cute owl babies for baby girls
ballet class! (Yes ballet class on halloween.) The moms always do treats for every holiday
and being as crafty as I am you would think I would be on top of this!
Well I had no clue until the last holiday when baby girl was the
only one who didn't bring anything (hey how was I to know?
 Somebody should tell me these things! I mean for football
you sign up for snacks and bring them on your kids day!)
Well baby girl was not about to be mortified again! 
Hence the darling little owls - filled with chocolates.
Of course I had to do it my way, in honor of baby girl ~
pinks, greens and lots of sparkle!

These baby owls were made with DCWV Bouquet De Fluer stack.
If you love girly, floral, glittery, springtime colors this stack is filled with gorgeous
prints! I made 10 owls using only 5 sheets of paper. This was not my original idea
after scouring Pinterest I found the Queen's Scene blog and her cute little owl.
I changed up the colors and made it my own. I was really happy with how they turned out!

I used a Quick Kuts die for the pillow shape. A Martha Stewart punch for
the layered "feathers", the eyes are scallops and circle punches by Fiskars.
The beak was hand cut from a roll of Love My Tapes. The "talons" are an upside
down heart- Creative Memories punch.
The little girls loved them!
I am trying to think of an excuse to make them again! SO CUTE!
Totally worth staying up until 1 am to finish them the night before!
(Another reason I am SO tired!)

Oh and the winner of the tapes?
Sharon G
send me your addy!
Hope you are having a wonderful day!
(Maybe I can get a nap! A girl can dream can't she?)
A mothers work is never done!

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