Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
The day has officially started! Turkey is in the oven!
The kids are super excited!
We have friends and family coming over!

  The new Thanksgiving banner is up!
(DCWV  & a Clear Scraps banner of course!)
 A family tradition at the table is the ABC's of Thanksgiving-
what are you thankful for, if your letter is
A you might say you are thankful for "animals"...
One of the kids(Boo) already said "I am thankful today for Jesus!"
Well said son. :)
I have had a more than a busy month,
with sickness, company, work, giveaways, blog posts,
and a dear friend lost her mother so if you haven't heard
from me it's not personal. I haven't made it to your blogs
because I am barely keeping up with my own.
I hope that changes soon but know that I am thinking of all of you.
And hoping you have a blessed day, a wonderful Thanksgiving-
even if it's not Thanksgiving when you read this.
I miss my friends that are not close by today.
I am thankful for holidays,
when we take the time to reflect on whats important to us.

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