Being Thankful on Days 10-13 & first post for Susan K. Weckesser

 Hey there bloggers! Three more things I am thankful for...Day 11, 12, 13.
(Not in any order)
11. I am thankful for freedom.
Thankful for the brave and bold men and women of our country
who have and continue to fight for our country and our FREEDOM.
May God bless those who have and continue to serve our country.

12. I am thankful for PROVISION.
 I feel very blessed that we have never gone without food or shelter.

God has always provided for our needs,
physically, financially and otherwise.
Even with things we didn't know we needed.

I am horrible at math, numbers, facts, memorization but
I am really good at all things artsy & creative!
Art has opened so many doors in business and social realms that I never
would have thought of! It calms me, helps me regroup and I have met some pretty
awesome people because of it!

Speaking of which today is my first "official" post for the
Susan K.Weckeser design team! I am super excited to share a banner I made ...
 Please go see the finished project here:
Susan K.Weckeser blog
 (Hint - I used lots of Love My Tapes)
By the way
have you seen this contest yet?

November 6 – November 16, 2012
Make some creative and whimsical tags........

Then gift one or two or three to a neighbour, stranger, or
anyone that looks like they need a little extra something special in their life!
Take a picture of them and post them to the Christmas Love Campaign
Face Book Wall
or email the picture to
 Also just want  to let you know
are doing a blog hop all week long,
I'm up on Sat when they announce the winner!
So a couple of opportunities to win something!

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