8,9 and 10! Days of thanks and a giveaway!

Friends and family.
8 and 9
We have been blessed with so many amazing people in our lives
that they have been like family.
We have not always lived by extended family so
our friends have become that for us.
The youth that we have worked with...
 Dear friends and their families...
(Old layouts)
I do believe that God sends the right people just at the right time,
when you need them. Phenomenal people.
People that we love and cherish, even if they are only
in our lives for a short time- it is totally worth it.


Sometimes you get lucky and God brings them back into you life;
it's like they have always been there.

I have made friends with amazing ladies that
I met through scrap booking!
I feel really lucky blessed to have these amazing people in my life.
There are others that I don't have pictures of which brings me to
online friends
Like I said before, God has a way of bringing you
just the right person at just the right time.
I have met some really strong, smart, sweet, caring women online!
Some of you have shared your hearts, you comments, your support
and I just know that we crossed paths for a reason.
I feel incredibly privileged to know you.
Which is another reason for my giveaways!
If you not have not been on my blog before click
on the pic and it will give you all the details.
But basically just leave me a comment if you want to
win a box of scrapbook goodies!
Please check tomorrow for the winner and if you have the
time and have not done so already check my last post for days 1-7.
Its a long post but worth the read.  For the ladies that commented on that post,
I cant express hour sentiments have blessed me- I can't thank you enough. ((hugs))

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