28 days of thankfulness...

I have started this post more than a dozen times.
 Do you know how hard it is to blog when the kids are on Thanksgiving break?
Yay school! I'm just saying! So today (27)
I am thankful for a little peace and quiet-
nobody calling my name with all the things they want or need.
A little break is good for me - time to regroup!
I am also  (26) thankful for the Internet,
where I have information at my fingertips, I can work from home and
catch up with all my favorite people.

"Night Owl"
Over Thanksgiving break (my kids were out all week) I was reminded of something else (25)
I am thankful for, Saturday Morning chats.
We have a big bed. California King. Which is funny because I am only 5and 1/2 inch
and hubby is 5'10.  We got this bed when we only had one child -
but hubby knew that we would need it. Every time somebody had a nightmare, got
sick or just needed to talk they ended up there, sometimes everybody in the house
ended up in there! Maybe during a storm or fun times like movie night in mom
and dads room. Snuggling on daddy's day off. Nap times on Sunday afternoons.
And Saturday morning chats and cuddles. (Of course only baby girl calls it that-
the other kids call it Saturday morning chats! I don't know when it started.
The babies (my youngest three) have never been kids that sleep in- no matter
what time they go to bed. I have not needed an alarm clock for almost 10 years. But Sat
 is the only day I don't have to be anywhere early (except for football season).
Before breakfast they come in and chat about their week or whats going to happen
the next week. During the break our "night owl" said "hey mom, we can have
Saturday Morning chats everyday this week!" It's a good thing.

(24) I am thankful for beautiful weather!
It was really weird here- the 70's and 80's over Thanksgiving break!
Defiantly not missing the snow and freezing temps from Colorado!
It has been gorgeous outside... although it does not feel like
fall. On the plus side the kids were having a blast playing outside and hubby
did put up some Christmas lights outside and I got some great pics of the kids!

 (23) I am thankful for Grace.
As I drive back from dropping off  the kids from school I snapped this
picture and am reminded of this scripture.
It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not.They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.
Lamentations 3:22-23
I am so glad we have this word to remind us that every day is a new day -
full of possibilities and new beginnings! If you messed up yesterday,
you can start over again today! Each day is full of promise and potential
to be something great! (Even if it is just a little peace and quiet!)
(28) I am thankful for your kind words,
I love the comments I have been getting- especially the
ones that include some of your personal lives! 
You have really blessed me. Thank you. ((hugs))
((those are cyber hugs - in case you didn't know! LOL!))

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