Has this ever happened to you?

Hey there bloggers! One of the things I love about
scrapbooking is sometimes you don't notice things until you get them
in a photo and think "When did that happen?" The boys are
playing flag football and I was just practicing with my camera.
(I am taking a photography class and actually reading the manual! LOL!)
So I am taking these pics and when I get them blown up on my computer
I am thinking - "When did my son get so big?"
 I mean seriously, his mannerisms and stance look so grown.
He just turned 10 this summer and I didn't
think he had changed that much. Until I saw these pics!
Here he is with his siblings
in June and I see a BIG difference!
It's also one of those moments when
you get a glimpse of what he will look all grown up!
  I don't like it, he's just a baby. My baby boy.

Has this ever happened to you?
Noticing something in a pic that you 
neglected to see right in front of you?
Happy Saturday peeps!

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