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Hey there bloggers! So today I want to reveal the entire layout so you
can get a feel for  Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos and
Creative Imaginations Luminarte Twinking H20's! Seriously I don't know
why I never tried them before! If you have followed my blog for a while
you know I am a Gelato freak! I love them, use them on everything!
The Twinkling H20's is like icing on the cake! YUM!
You can use them on pretty much anything-
  paper, canvas, ribbon, resist papers with rubons...And the Twinkling H2o's were the
perfect compliment! It's hard to see in the pictures but if you take a close look
to the girl I drew- see her hair and how it appears to have highlights?
The "highlighted" area is actually the same color as the Gelatos
but because light is reflecting off the Twinkling H20 paint-
it looks like highlights. Seriously, in person,
when it's dry it looks like frosted eye shadow! So pretty!

Both Gelatos and Twinkling H20's are solid.
Gelatos can be used wet or dry -I used a small wet paint brush to get into small areas.
For stenciling I used a dry sponge and Gelatos.
Twinkling H20's have to be wet, mist, wait a few minutes for the paint ot soften
and the mica (shiny stuff!) comes to the top which is
how you get that fun frosted look!

I am trying to incorporate more art into my layouts, because of the theme of this layout
it was especially important to me! Can you read the journaling? It says...
 If I could give out any advice it would be to Dream BIG,
explore your interests and never stop learning!
When I was little I was always in trouble for doodling on my schoolwork and making a mess- I would cut up all my papers, magazines, pictures... To this day I can't sit in a lecture or watch TV without drawing, coloring or cutting!
I am super blessed to be able to stay at home and do these things!
Sometimes I even paid for what I do!
So if you love something... Dream BIG!
I hope you enjoyed this post - if you have any questions  about
these products or techniques please leave it in the comments section.
And don't forget my giveaway (now closed)
to celebrate making 500 posts!
This is post
By the way all the resist papers and stencils are from
Creative Imaginations!

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