Art journaling & a giveaway (now closed)

One of the things I like love about art journaling is there are no rules-
it's your book you can put whatever you want in - there
 doesn't have to be a reason behind it, you don't have to write if you
don't want to and you can use whatever mediums you want to use.
Some people do their backgrounds first- I don't and I say whatever works for you!
I certainly do not claim to be the best or the most knowledgeable. LOL
 I have never taken art classes so I can only tell you how I do things
 and my experience with the products. I will tell you I love art products and
I am SO curious that when I get a new product that I try all types of
surfaces and ways to use it. Something  I always use is a pencil -
just a regular #2 pencil, sometimes mechanical and a white eraser.
YES, I erase... A LOT.
When there are a lot of details (like fairies) I go over my drawings first
with a black PITT Artist pen. Then I erase again any lines.
This step is important to me because the PITT Artist Pens have India Ink -
it dries quickly and is waterproof ; I can paint and not lose my lines.
Unlike a permanent marker they do not bleed through the paper-
which is important in an art journal book when I am painting on the back as well.
I used Gelatos, Aquarelles, Twinkling H20's & 
Radiant Rain.
What I love about the Faber- Castell Design Memory Craft
line is they all mix and match - I can get the same color in a PITT Artist pen,
as in an Aquarelle water color pencil and Gelato. So you can choose
what to use depending on what
you are doing or what kind of media you are comfortable with.
I like having options - some of my work is very small details 
(like eyes) so I like using a superfine nib (tip) to get into really small areas
and larger areas with Gelatos.

The Twinkling H20's and Radiant Rain are translucent so I
used gesso on my entire surface first. I love that these products
shine and give my finished projects dimension.
In this picture you can see the glittery parts - love that!
Now the metallic Gelatos have a glittery effect too but it's just different
- you have to see this in person for yourself to see why
you would need both! They compliment each other!
I am hooked!

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos
The little pots are Luminarte Twinkling H20's and the liquid tube is Radiant Rain.
(Uggh - I NEED this in every color now!!! I only have two colors of Rain!) 


The shine in the sun and her eye shadow is from the Radiant Rain.
Here is the completed page - inspired by the song "He Loves " by David Crowder Band.
I love that song.

Art journaling.
You should try it!
Just color!
This is post 2 to my countdown!
On Monday I will announce a winner for
my giveaway (now closed) so you have all weekend
to enter! Have a wonderful weekend!

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