A color tutorial with Gelatos!

Here there bloggers!
 I don't know why but I can never seem find the right color
flower to go in my hair! (and the right clip - so it doesn't fall out, but I digress...)
Well I found these white flowers at Forever 21,
they were the perfect size and had the right type of clip!
And I think to my self...
Why couldn't I color these with my Gelatos™? Hmmm...
So I pulled out Red Cherry, Mango, Lime, Cotton Candy & Metallic Melon.

 I drew right on the flowers, using Red Cherry and Mango on one of the flowers.

 Misted them with water and rubbed the color around in some spots
with my fingers.
(Have I mentioned that Gelatos™ come right off your hands with
a little soap and water?)

 Here you can see they were very wet, this is important for blending.
I set them aside to dry- I did not use a heat gun, afraid the fabric might melt!
(That would not be good.)

The color lightens up a bit when dry but I love the result!
Maybe the next time you see my picture I will have a pretty flower in my hair!
Hope you are using your Gelatos™!
more posts until I hit  
500 posts!!! When I have 5 left
I will announce a giveaway
so you can celebrate with me when I hit 500!!!
So exciting!!!!

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