Taking a break - Beach Report!

Being a Cali girl (yes I still consider myself a Cali girl
even though I haven't lived there for years!)
I had to go check out the Gulf Coast!
Although my kids have not grown up around the beach
(I did and I miss it) we have taken them to Cali and they love the beach,
so although it's not super close we had to take them!

We went to Rockport, Port Aransas and Corpus Christi, TX.
We took the whole gang and then some!
We brought our 5 kids (1 didn't want to be in a picture!)  a family friend (LT blue t shirt)
who is visiting from NV - we have known him since he and our oldest were
in the 3rd grade! We are so happy he is here visiting!
On the other side you see our sons girlfriend.

We are so lucky to have friends - we also met up with Michelle
and her sweet daughter!  I met Michelle online a few years ago,
we have been on several DT's together and met in person
last year at a scrapbook convention! How cool is that- our little
girls hit it off like they had known each other forever!
The Internet makes things possible that would probably never happen!
I love having friends all over!

The girls.

This was in the evening in Rockport.

      Hubby had  a meeting and then we drove 6 1/2 hours to the beach!
 Baby girl was so happy walking wit her daddy!
Of course I have a ton of more pictures but that would make for a VERY long post!
I still miss Cali - maybe more so now, but I will say the Texas beaches were much
cleaner and not crazy crowded! (We did not go on a Sat though - I hear it's
crazy busy then!) The water was really warm! You could boogie board but you
aren't going to be surfing out here, waves aren't big enough, at least not when we went.
It is family friendly - but it didn't have all the surrounding cute shopping like Cali
beaches have. Still, we all had a good time and it was really nice to get away
from our daily life !!!


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